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The Insider's Guide to Hipster Disposable Pods Sales

The Insider's Guide to Hipster Disposable Pods Sales

  • by Parm Longia
Guide to Hipster Disposable Pods Sales

Hipster is a great disposable pod that is renowned for its dual flavours i.e. you can easily switch from one flavour to another with ease. This means that you do not have to bother investing in two separate vape devices to get the best results.

Each flavour lasts for 300 puffs. This means that each pod delivers 600 puffs on its 550 mah battery. The brand finds huge takers in the nation due to its ergonomic design and dualistic features that allows it to stand out in comparison to other alternatives like Elf Bar Disposable Pod device, etc. It also features an amazing double airflow design. Each pod lasts for the length of 20 cigarettes. To use this amazing product, you do not need to have prior experience. The vape is excellent as a healthy replacement for smoking or using discreetly.

Top Flavours of Hipster Disposable Pods available for sale

The top flavours that are looked forward to by the vapers in any Hipster Disposable Pods sale include the following -

  • Banana and Red apple
  • Lemon and Oreo
  • Apple berries and tangerine ice
  • Gummy bear and fruit punch ice
  • Peach Lemonade and mango ice
  • Strawberry yoghurt and candy crush
  • Energy drink and skittles
  • Orange soda and melon ice
  • Ice blue Raz and Aloe grape
  • Peachy ring and pina colada
  • Lush ice and strawberry kiwi
  • Ice mint and strawberry banana

Comparison between Hipster and IVG BAR Disposable 600 puffs

Both the Hipster and IVG BAR Disposable 600 puffs have the same composition i.e. these come prefilled with 2ml of 20 mg nicotine. Both carry an ergonomic design and boast amazing taste. However, Hipster takes the cake with its dual flavours and amazing taste options. It features a resilient battery that can easily last for the lifetime of the bar.

The IVG also offers 22 vibrant options to choose from while the Hipster one guarantees that you never get bored from using your vape. The latter however comes in 10 flavours with each having 4ml e-liquid. Both the brands use food-grade ingredients with organic cotton as a wick. The IVG comes paired with a TPD compliant and scientifically tested product.

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