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Elf Bar Disposable Pods

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Disposable vapes called Elf Bars have been taking the vaping world by storm. The popularity of these vapes is ever increasing because they require zero maintenance and come pre-filled with nicotine salt e-liquid, which releases nicotine slowly into your bloodstream offering a smoother throat hit. The Elf Bar Disposable pods also don't leak, which is another reason why they have become so popular. Combining the crazy flavors and the convenience makes it a great choice for many users.

 Elf Bar Disposable Pods are mouth-to-lung devices that mimic the experience of smoking. This device has a smart heating system without any button on it. Activating the device is as simple as inhaling, literally - the device activates itself as soon as you inhale from it. With its slim body and pre-filled disposable pod kit, the Elf Bar Disposable Pod is simple and delicate. The precise airflow works in concert with the perfect voltage for decent flavour with the 550mAh battery and the pre-filled pod.

 Here are a few notable features:

 Compact disposable device

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Around 600 puffs per bar
  • Activated by mere inhaling
  • Contains 20 mg of nicotine salt
  • Offers a smooth throat hit
  • Contains 2 ml of nic salt e-liquid

The device is very light and fits easily into your pocket, so it's a great vape for those who want to go on a night out without worrying about carrying bulky vape kits. The huge array of flavours ensures that users don’t suffer from vaper’s tongue. Get your own Elf Bar Disposable pod today from The No.1 Plug.

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