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Lost Mary Disposable Pods

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Lost Mary
Regular price £4.99

any 3 for £12

any 5 for £18

Lost Mary
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Lost Mary
Regular price £6.99

Whether you like your e-cigarettes to taste like tobacco, fruit, or menthol, Lost Mary Disposable Pods have a flavor that will hit the spot. To satiate your nicotine cravings and offer you powerful yet smooth throat hits, each Lost Mary Disposable is prefilled with 20mg of salt nicotine.

Our lost mary disposable pods are compact and straightforward to operate. Because of how user-friendly it is, it's an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys vaping. You can swap in a new unit when the battery dies without worrying about recharging the coil or adding more e-liquid. Each gadget also contains 600 puffs, the equivalent of more than 20 cigarettes.

The inhale activation technology included in every Lost Mary BM600 makes menus and buttons superfluous. When you take a drag via the mouthpiece, your device is ready to produce an MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape. When you take a deep breath in, you'll notice a minimal quantity of vapor, not unlike the sensation of smoking.

Lost Mary disposables offer a convenient and tasty alternative to traditional cigarettes. You don't have to worry about charging or replenishing your gadget; get a new one when it runs dry.

The disposable Lost Mary vapes come in various flavors and are simple to use. If you want to get started right away, all you have to do is inhale on the mouthpiece of your device. In addition, the 20mg of nic salt in each provides a little yet satisfying throat punch. The Lost Mary is small and light thanks to its bottle shape, making it an excellent choice if you need more storage space or going out for the evening and want to avoid lugging about a bulkier gadget.

We are here to provide the ultimate range via different kinds of lost mary disposable pods. Shop now via our selection!
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