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Replacement Coils

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We have vape replacement coils compatible with various e-cigarette coils and pod kits, including sub-ohm devices, traditional setups, and pod systems. Choose the ideal vape coil for your vaping preferences from top manufacturers like Smok, Geek Vape, Aspire, Sigelei, and more at today's vape shop.

If the flavor from your vape tank or pod system is no longer satisfying, try a new vape coil. A vape coil should last anywhere from a few days to a week, depending on how often and how much you vape and what kind of e-liquid you use. To avoid ever being without e-liquid, it is wise to always have a supply of vape coils on hand by adding at least one box to your shopping basket whenever you stock up on e-juice.

The no1 Plug has the coil replacement you need when it's time to get a new one. We have coils from all the major manufacturers and locks for many other devices.

With the vast array of vape kits and coils, selecting a new or replacement coil is sometimes a walk in the park. Luckily, we've created a Coil Finder that will point you in the direction of the waves made specifically for your device, frequently with many options to choose from so that you can personalize your vaping experience.

When re-designing late models and outdated coils for replacement, our engineering team is ready to take on the challenge, even if there are no existing drawings or specs to go off of. We understand that speed is of the essence in many of these aftermarket/replacement scenarios. The emergency reaction is essential in mission-critical situations, such as when a classroom loses heat or a blood bank's cooling system is breached.

Check out our website to buy the best selection of replacement coils at the best pricing,

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