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A New Way to Think About IVG Plus Bar Disposable 600 puffs

A New Way to Think About IVG Plus Bar Disposable 600 puffs

  • by Parm Longia

A New Way to Think About IVG Plus Bar Disposable 600 puffs

IVG is a leading name in disposable vapes and features a closed pod system that has no replacement parts. The vape promises to offer 600 puffs per bar.

The IVG plus bar disposable 600 puffs is a draw activated design that allows easy to use alternatives and buttons to ensure that the vaping is powered by a 500 mAh battery. With an effective mouth-to-lung inhalation mechanism, these devices come with a sleek design and plastic construction.

Like other devices like the Elf bar disposable Pod device, these come prefilled with a 2 ml and 20 mg nicotine system. However, this is available in 22 vibrant and exciting flavours to choose from. The device is easy to use and doesn't need charging or refilling. The product is leak-proof and handbag friendly.

The fuss-free design requires no setup and is an inhale activated mechanism that is found to last longer than 30 cigarettes!

Comparison with Top Disposable Vapes

The industry is dominated by top names like the Geek Bar Disposable Device Pod Kit. These devices offer a well-balanced draw that is neither restricted nor loose. The brand company - Geekvape has researched well on vaping technology to deliver excellent hardware that helps to make the most of the fruity flavours.

The IVG plus bar competes closely with the Geek bar variants for the top spot. The brand boasts of years of experience in vaping and e-liquids. These bars are easy to use. The package is also simple and elegant.

The brand further has an awesome mouthpiece that sits comfortably on the mouth. This brings in a great combination using an amazing draw which makes it an excellent choice for both new and experienced vaping enthusiasts. The same is also popular for its quality e-liquids and the quality of the same is extremely excellent. These are great and you get to choose from various options ranging from fruits, berries, dessert, ice, etc.

The brand uses an excellent combination of salt nicotine as it helps to target cravings easily and efficiently. The taste is extremely smooth which makes it perfect for satisfying your tobacco dependence.

The device is also easy to use and can be used straight out from the packet. This makes it one of the best and most awesome devices available in the market.

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