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Elux Disposable Pods: Get Your Frunk On with These Legend Flavours in UK

Elux Disposable Pods: Get Your Frunk On with These Legend Flavours in UK

  • by parminder singh

As the number of vapers grows every day, more and more electronic cigarette manufacturers are releasing their own unique device and flavour range. However, Elux has really raised the bar with their new frunk bar disposable range, featuring seven unique legend flavours that are sure to get your attention and keep you coming back for more! If you haven’t tried these bad boys out yet, then I’m sure you will be glad to hear that Elux sells both refills and disposable versions of their devices online in UK. Don’t take my word for it though!

Elux Disposable Pods

Reviews - All about flavours

We’ve been told that it’s important to get a positive review, no matter what. Well, Elux has done something that we have not seen anyone else do before - they’ve gone straight to their loyal customers and actually asked them for a testimonial on how great these disposable pods are. And these aren’t just boring old 5-star reviews either - many of them talk about how great these disposables are for flavor as well as for price!

Reviews - How do they vape?

I have to admit, I had always shied away from e-cigarettes because of their ungainly appearance. They just looked so dorky! But glamz bar disposable are so much more than that, they’re discreet, stylish and portable. Reymont disposable pods come in a variety of flavours, they’re good value for money and easy to use.

Reviews - Are they easy to use?

Yes, and that’s one of their selling points. The Elux pods come pre-filled and all you have to do is remove them from their plastic case, click into your e-cig device, and start vaping! As far as disposable pod systems go, these are some of the easiest to use on today’s market. Plus they come in a variety of flavours so if you feel like switching things up it’s quick and easy. Simply pop out a pod, replace it with another flavour—or wait till that one runs out before doing so—and off you go again!

Reviews - What's the flavour like?

Without further ado, let's jump into my reviews of these delicious pods. First up is Glamz Bar disposable pods, which are available in 3 different flavours! I'm kicking off with their MIX, which contains cappuccino, caramel and white chocolate. I must admit that I was nervous about what to expect from a mix of these three flavours - I mean who puts white chocolate and coffee together?! Well they did it right and it's surprisingly good!

Guide to using pods/refills

When you order a new set of disposable pods, they will arrive packaged as three individual pods, a single mouthpiece and an empty bottle. You will have to open your refill juice and pour it into your empty glamz bar pod. Make sure that you remove any air bubbles by tapping your pod on a hard surface or allowing them to rise to the top. Then screw on your mouthpiece.

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